The Regular Cutups are a Scroll saw club.  Our motto is: “teach it forward”.  We come together for fellowship, learning new things and to make items (toys, and small wooden items).  We put on demos and displays at various places throughout southern California.  Showing people are skills and trying to find more people interested in our craft.  Our club has about 30 members.  Our membership has people from the ages of 7 through 80 years old.  Some of them are retired, some are disable veterans, some people that are on disability, and some have caretakers that bring them. We all are just normal people.  Our meetings are at a church in Escondido, Ca and sometimes when we have workshops we meet at members’ homes.  Our club has three goals: 1. Learn more about our craft, 2. Make toys to give away at Christmas time, 3. Make wooden cutout to give to hospitals for long term children patients to do art work on and take home with them.

We hold 12 monthly meeting.  Some of the meetings are followed by workshops.  We have two types of workshops: 1. To learn how to do a new technic (a couple of times a year), 2. To make toys for our Christmas give away (about 4 times a year).  All members and guest are able to participate in the workshops.

To learn more about our craft, we have speaker and members give lectures and workshops.  We try and make the training about something that is relevant for the upcoming toys we make for the kids.  If it is a workshop and there are fees involved, the club pays half for members and any non-members pay full price. Depending on the amount of space and how messy the workshop is, will determine where we hold the workshop at.

The wooden cutout program was started years ago. It began because someone’s friend was an art person at a hospital and they were buying wooden toys for the kids to paint and they took them home at night and sanded the paint off so the kids could re paint them the next day.  The club took this idea and ran with it. Year we provide about 2500 wooden cutouts to hospitals.   All the materials that are used are either donated or brought by donation.  We do not sell our toys or cutouts.

Alan Lewis
President, Regular Cutups


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