$500 Social Change Challenge

STEAM Maker $500 Social Change Challenge Sponsored by Qualcomm

Grade Levels: All Grades

Team Size: 4 students (All members of a team must be within the competing grade level)

Team Qualifications: This challenge series is open to all schools and national youth organizations only (no home school or private teams) 

Challenge Signups are now closed for 2019 Dec Festival
Please look at many of the other challenges that are still open

The $500 Social Change Challenge.
The Qualcomm $500 Social Change Challenge is a unique opportunity for young creative minds to design and implement a plan that effects real change in their schools, neighborhood, or community. Students all grades, working in teams of 3-5 will have an opportunity at the San Diego STEAM Maker Festival to present their ideas, plans, and budget for any project to a board comprised of investors and local business. Selected projects will receive funding for up to $500.

Teams must be comprised of 3-5 students each in the same grade level and one adult mentor. Each team must have an assigned mentor. All members of the team must be present at the presentation and knowledgeable about the program and its goals.
Teams may represent any school, home school, social group, or organization.

The $500 Social Change Challenge is designed to allow students the opportunity to see how real change can come from planning, effort, and caring. Project must be something that positively impacts society.

To ensure safety and compliance with the theme and goals of the STEAM Maker Challenge, all teams must complete a Pre-Screening Conference with STEAM Maker prior to the Presentation at the STEAM Maker Event. Pre-Screening may be done at any time prior the event simply by having the team mentor contact the STEAM Maker organizer. Once the project is approved, the team and scope of the project may not be deviated from without permission.

The Presentation.
At the 2017 STEAM Maker Festival in the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Teams will each be given ½ of a standard table to set up a display, poster, or models for their project. Each team will then be given 10 minutes on stage to present their proposals.

Awards and Prizes
From the presentations one team will be selected to receive the $500 cash grant to implement their plan. All payment will be made to the school or organizations. Additional grants of $250 or lesser amounts may also be awarded.


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