Mathnasium Math Olympiad Challenge

The Math Olympiad Challenge, presented by Mathnasium

 Grade Levels: 3-5

Team Size: 5 students (Members of the team can have varying grade levels from 3-5), 2 alternates, 1 adult coach or chaperone

Team Qualifications: This challenge series is open to all public, private, and charter schools and national youth organizations and Mathnasium learning centers.

Awards and Prizing:

Among other participation gifts, the first and second place winners will receive:

  • 1st place will receive $1000 to the school of their choice to help in furthering STEAM programs at their campus.
  • 2nd place will receive $500 to the school of their choice to help in furthering STEAM programs at their campus.

Math Olympiad Challenge Signups are now closed for 2019 Dec Festival
Please look at many of the other challenges that are still open

The Math Olympiad Challenge: Number Sense is not Common Sense!

Mathletes from all over the county will be put to the test when they compete on stage in our first annual Math Olympiad Challenge presented by Mathnasium. Teams will be assigned random placement in a bracket of approximately 32 (depending on registrations) to compete on-stage, through 5 rounds of math challenges of increasing difficulty.

Two teams, at a time, will compete to advance to the final round – each round will be timed and a team can steal a question if the other team answers incorrectly or not at all. To advance, the winner must answer the most questions correctly for that competition round.

No paper, pencil calculator or other device or medium can be used other than your brain and the brains of your teammates. This is the ULTIMATE Mental Math Challenge with a HUGE prize that will benefit all the students at a school of their choosing. Teams must have an adult chaperone or coach to stay with them through the competition.

Teams must be comprised of 5 students each, with two alternates and one adult mentor, coach or chaperone. Each team must have an assigned mentor. All members of the team must be present at the competition.

Teams may represent any school or organization as noted above and can be mixed across schools and grade-levels.

The Math Olympiad presented by Mathnasium was created to show that Number Sense is not Common Sense. Math can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. Students from all over the county are invited to join teams and show their problem-solving acumen to be crowned the ultimate San Diego County Mathlete team. The event promotes teamwork, problem-solving and an appreciation for the “M” that runs through the foundation of the entirety of STEAM: MATH.

To ensure safety and compliance with the theme and goals of this STEAM Maker Challenge, all teams must complete a Pre-Screening Conference with a Mathnasium representative prior to the Presentation at the STEAM Maker Festival. Pre-Screening will be coordinated with mentors  prior the event .



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