Recycled Fashion & Engineering Challenge


STEAM Maker Build It! Fashion Challenge
2018 STEAM Maker Festival Theme: Classic Movies and Film
Create a character, device, prop or set from your favorite movie or TV Show. 

Team Size: 4 students (All members of a team must be within the competing grade level)

Team Qualifications: This challenge series is open to all schools, groups, home schools, or private organizations

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During the challenge, teams of four students will have 2 hours at the festival to design and construct a fun, eco-friendly outfit from only recyclable materials! Theme of the challenge will change with each event. You may create an entire ensemble or a single garment. Creativity, resourcefulness, teamwork, and originality are highly encouraged.

Teach team will bring 1 – 30 gallon bags of clean recyclable materials to contribute to a collective pile from which you will be able to choose materials for your creation(s). You will also be provided a base kit (listed below) to use. Your team will then present your creation to the review panel at our fashion show at the festival. Judges will ask questions of the designers and evaluate your entry.

Materials provided:
STEAM Maker will provide each team with a toolkit including:

  •  Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Scotch Tape (2 – 36 yard rolls)
  • Duct Tape (One 15 yard roll)
  • Upholstery Needle
  • Upholstery Thread
  • a Glue Stick
  • 12 pack of colored markers
  • 8oz School Glue
  • 25m Cotton String

STEAM Maker will also have adult supervised community staplers, hand tools, and glue gun tables near work stations for challenge grades 3-5, and 6-9. 9-12 challenges will have tools available for each team.

NO Additional tools or supplies my be used in the competition.

Materials brought by teams
Each team MUST bring 2 – 30 gallon bags filled with recyclable materials to contribute to a community pile.

Important Note: Recyclable materials may NOT include: glass, metal, sharp objects, or items with ‘inappropriate’ images

*Some surprise recyclable materials will be added to the community pile.

Students may bring any prior planning design plans or documentation/journaling.

Day of Competition

  1. Students will check in at the designated time and turn in waivers
  2. All teams will assemble to put materials in a community pile
  3. Team orders will be randomly assigned by the challenge coordinator
  4. Teams will proceed through a line – one challenger at a time- to gather recyclable materials
  5. When the pile is gone teams will have 2 hours to assemble the garment/outfit
  6. One member of the team will be the team’s model and will wear the garment in the fashion show.
  7. All other team members must be on stage to answer questions by the judges.
  8. Judges will score rubrics
  9. Winners will be announced; trophies presented

Immediately following the 2 hour team preparation time, teams will assign a member to model the outfit on stage in a Recycle Wearable Fashion Show. Teams will each be asked a few questions by the judges. Judges may ask any question of the teams but teams should be ready to answer the following.

• Please describe your outfit in 5 sentences or less.
• Please describe the materials used and why you chose them.
• What inspired your choice in outfit and materials? (1 minute answer)
• Mystery Question presented by judges.

Judges will observe the preparation process, fashion show, and conduct the interview. Teams will receive points based on the rubric attached.

Once judging is complete, winners will be announced. The winning team will receive a trophy and the outfit/design plan will be showcased on the STEAM Maker website.

Additional Rules.
1. All member of a team must be within the same age/grade category
2. A team Must have no less than 3 and no more than 5 members
3.  A School may have more than one team
4.  Every team must have a designated adult mentor present at the challenge.
5.  All teams must register for the challenge prior to the closing date.
6. All members must have a signed the participation waiver for the event.
7. All physical work must be completed at the festival site.

8. No materials other than those from the community pile or tool kits may be used
9. No tools, glue, tape or materials other than those provided may be used
10. Mentors may not advise, help, or assist during the competition.
11. All garments must be worn over street clothing.

12.  All garments must be age appropriate
13. All garments must be safe to walk on the runway
14. No inappropriate slogans, images, designs, or concepts are allowed
15. The judges’ rulings on any of the above are final.

If you have any further questions, email: STEAM Maker at or contact the STEAM Maker Workshop.
STEAM Maker reserves the right to modify the rules of this or any challenge at anytime without any prior notification to participants. Participation in these challenges is without cost to the teams or schools. The intent of these and all STEAM Maker Challenges is creative education. Any and all ruleings from the judges will be based on the best interest of that goal and the safety of the students involved in the activity.


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