Show off your school’s STEAM program! 

Participating in the STEAM Maker Festival not only allows you the chance to showcase your STEAM program, but offers you an opportunity to observe other STEAM programs.  This is the perfect venue to cross-pollinate ideas and find additional solutions to enhance your student’s critical thinking skills and 21st century opportunities.

There are several options to choose from!

You can participate in our sponsored challenges to bring STEAM to your school. We offer training, the materials, and mentorship to any school or organization wishing to be part of all the fun!  Rules and limitations apply.  For more information, click HERE

Take a booth and show off your STEAM program.  Inviting the community to see how you have implemented STEAM programs at your school increases your school’s awareness and impact on the community.  For more information on school booth participation, click HERE

Come and observe.  We offer free tickets to educators, faculty, and students to simply come and witness all that the STEAM Maker Festival has to offer.  Limitations apply, click HERE for more information.

But who says you can’t do all of these? 
We welcome all schools who seek to fully immerse themselves in STEAM!  Click HERE to start the process.