California Surf Museum

 About The Museum

The California Surf Museum was founded in 1986 and has been in operation for over three decades serving tens of thousands of annual visitors from over 40 nations annually.

With a permanent collection which chronicles the history of surfboards and wave-riding, the museum also offers many revolving exhibits each year. In its current facility, it houses a rare set of archives and collections gathered over more than 30 years, comprising one of the world’s richest troves of surfing history.

The museum has grown into a major attraction for Oceanside, San Diego County and Southern California.

The California Surf Museum’s history is defined by the multitudes of passionate volunteers who have given thousands of hours of time since before its founding in 1986 to make CSM what it is today. Many businesses have also supported CSM through its growth and transformation. The City of Oceanside has welcomed CSM by providing affordable space since 1996.

Enthusiasts have donated many valuable treasures and artifacts to CSM — including significant surfboards, trophies, magazines, rare photographs and more — in order to share and preserve them. Through 2018, nearly 650,000 visitors have entered CSM’s doors to see and read about the surf lifestyle and history. CSM’s top priority is sharing with you, the public — it is your interest, enthusiasm and support that keeps CSM going!


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